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Baltimore Kettlebell Membership Plans

1 Day Per Week 2 Days Per Week 3 Days Per Week Unlimited
Individual Plan $80 $145 $145
Family Plan $200
Fitness Plan $80
Zumba $50

*10% off annual enrollment for Military, Police & Emergency Personnel.

You are invited to try a week of FREE classes before making any decisions regarding enrollment. We feel completely confident in our programs & quality of service that our program sells it self.

Once you arrive at our school, we will facilitate your entire “FREE Trial” experience. We will take you through a tour of our gym and introduce you to our programs. We understand that committing to a year of training is a big decision. Thus we will never pressure you to enroll.

Commitment does mean, in some cases, a contractual agreement. This commitment is necessary for many reasons, but most importantly it’s making a commitment to yourself because making a meaningful change in your life takes time & dedication especially with respect to fitness.

Individual Membership Plans include kettlebells or any of our martial arts programs. Our martial arts programs include aikido, arnis, brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, kids classes, kung fu, mixed martial arts, may thai, penjak silat, pilates, tae kwon do , tai chi. Our Fitness plan includes kickboxing, plates, women’s boot camp, yoga & zumba.

All memberships expect for the Fitness Plan & the Zumba Plan require a 12 month term agreement. Children under the age of 7 are placed onto 6 month revolving agreements that renew every six months. Fitness and Zumba programs operate on a month to month basis. Cancelations can be made on month to month agreements but require at least 30 days prior notification in writing or some other means which can be confirmed & documented by our management.

An individual membership includes only one member. A family membership includes 2-4 members. Baltimore Kettlebells operates and resides inside the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. This means that your family members may also train in a multitude of martial arts and fitness programs. See the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy’s MAIN PAGE or PROGRAMS or SCHEDULE for more details. Also don’t forget that we have FREE child care.

Our schedule and prices are subject to change, but what you are reading here will always be honored. By subscribing to our email list you will be receiving our Baltimore Martial Arts & Fitness Newsletter which circulates once every month.

If you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule your first FREE Trial Class, please call us at 410-465-7799 or email your inquiries to Email:

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