Danyelle Berger RKCII & Kettlebell Instructor

Proper pull up technique

Excellent Pull up Form

Danyelle Berger is the Russian Kettlebell Level Two and Certified Strength & Conditioning Instructor CSCS for the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. Danyelle began her martial arts training in 2004 in Modern Kung-Fu, a hybrid martial art consisting of traditional Kung-Fu, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves. She earned her black belt in November of 2007. Danyelle is also a certified Russian Kettlebell instructor.

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CSCS Certified

Besides being a kettlebell instructor, Danyelle holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a Masters Degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Prior to joining the school, Danyelle worked as a financial analyst with Citigroup Smith Barney. Danyelle lives in Columbia, Maryland with her husband Gary Berger and her two sons, Bryce and Tristan.

Danyelle Berger’s Black Belt Test November 2007′ Instructor and husband, Gary Berger. Baltimore Martial Arts Academy.

Kettlebell Instructor, Danyelle Berger, Kickboxing and Sparring at 9 Months Pregnant with First Son, Bryce Berger. October 2006.