Danyelle Berger Receives RKC Level Two Certification

Danyelle Berger received her Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) level two certification on Sunday July 10th 2011. The RKC Challenge is a brutal three day test of strength, endurance, kettlebell skills and the ability to teach those skills to others. RKC standards are very high often yielding high failure rates among among RKC applicants.

The picture below is what Danyelle’s hands looked like after day one.

Blistered hands during RKC training and certification RKCII
A price to pay being an RKC instructor.

Typical occurrence at RKC certification events. RKC students often have to tape their hands as a result. This is part of RKC training and something that makes RKC so grueling and certification so hard to achieve.

Danyelle Berger has been training and preparing for her level 2 kettlebell certification for about a year. Her hard work and perseverance paid off as she is heading home as a level 2 RKC instructor and able to share her knowledge and new experiences with her students at Baltimore Martial Arts and Fitness.

Female RKCII Candidates in Minneapolis, July 2011

Female RKCII Candidates in Minneapolis, July 2011

This group of ladies were “historic” being the strongest group of ladies that the RKC has ever seen. Amazing feats of strength were accomplished with one woman, Krystal Robens, strict pressing a 32kg kettlebell over her head. Other notable female accomplishments include – Nikki Shlosser 40kg Bent Press Shannon O’Neil 32kg Bent Press & Molly Bird 24kg Bent Press (could easily have done 28). Adrianne Harvey attempted “Iron Maiden” which requires doing a pistol squat, a military press and a pull up with a 24kg kettlebell. Her pistol squat was solid, her press was solid and came within 3 inches of doing her pull up. So close!!!

Danyelle Berger with her RKCII Group in Minneapolis

Danyelle Berger with her RKCII Group in Minneapolis. Team Leader Brad Nelson front row center.

In picture left, Danyelle is with her RKC team of graveks. Her Team leader was Brad Nelson, front row. She and her gravels had to spend the entire three day event performing and demonstrating kettlebell skills. Each day of training can last more than 8 hours and is mostly outdoors in 90 degree weather. She and her class trained for twenty two hours total. Joe Sansalone, center row third from the left, was Danyelle’s original strength and conditioning coach and trainer of kettlebells.

Kettlebells Galore

Kettlebells for RKC Level II Certification in Minneapolis July 2011

An ocean of kettlebells was required for all of the participants. They were shipped in brand new. The estimated cost for this e kettlebells must be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Only top quality RKC grade kettlebells are used. Their quality is superb to any other on the market and are used at Baltimore Martial Arts and Fitness in Catonsville.

Pavel and Danyelle RKC2

Pavel and Danyelle at RKC 2 Certification

RKC founder, Pavel Tsatsouline, congratulates Danyelle after passing her RKC II trials.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certificate

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certificate

RKC II Instructor Danyelle Berger

Danyelle Berger, CSCS, RKCII

Danyelle Berger teaches kettlebell classes at The Baltimore Martial Arts Academy in Catonsville Maryland. Her classes are exciting and an excellent way to get in phenomenal shape. A kettlebell is a Russian type of hand weight that is shaped like a big cannonball with a handle. Often made out of pure cast iron, they are available in a wide range of weights and sizes. The kettlebell is like a handheld gym that delivers an unparalleled mix of all-purpose strength and conditioning, melts away body fat, and forges a classic, enviable physique.

If you want to get into shape, lose fat, develop toned muscle, increase strength, power and endurance then try Russian Kettlebells. Baltimore Martial Arts offers free trial kettlebell classes to anyone interested.

For more information about Kettlebell classes please contact us at 410-465-7799 or Email: baltimoremartialarts@yahoo.com

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